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When should you start making hybrids?

So I was just going around farting things and this hybrid popped up I’ve only had this game for a little bit and don’t know how strong creatures really work or if you get harder matchups

Just wanna know if it’s worth it to make a hybrid like this because I use sucho a lot atm


This is a great hybrid it’s great for easy epic raids!

I’d say go right ahead with creating it! Good rare hybrid with a good kit, very useful in rare tournaments and even in some raids


Make em ASAP at your point in the game to get your level up, Suchotator is also an amazing first choice


What’s a raid?

its a battle against a boss, you fight a boss creature roaming on the map, you fight it with 3 invited friends or alliance members and once you beat the raid you get its dna(along with others). Boss fights range in different rarities(rare-apex raids) and cycle every day.

Which boss is active now

currently, there are no raids on Saturday or Sunday, but there are different bosses Monday-Sat and more raids are to come(including weekend ones)

I’d continue with the campaign missions before you start worrying about raids tbh, they should explain what they’re all about when you unlock em.

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Also was wondering it said that certain Dino’s only spawn in certain areas so would I have to go to a lake or something to find suchos

Yeah, some dinos spawn in certain areas. I believe there are Global Spawns(everywhere), Park Spawns(on green areas of the map, but there are secret parks), Continentals?(idk if it counts as a spawn thing, but there are 3 creatures that only spawn in certain regions), Time spawns(dusk/dawn, day, night), and zone spawns(4 different zones, each spawn different creatures, cycle every month, so 1 month is zone 1, next month is 2, next is 3, then 4, and back to 1). So I don’t think you need to go to a large body of water to find things like sucho or spino

You can get more information on the different spawns by checking Gamepress’s spawning mechanics page
Here’s a link Spawn Mechanics/Nests and Where To Find Dinosaurs


Is this an ok lineup?

It’s good but I think you ought to replace one of your ankylosaurus gen 2 or nodosaurus with Elasmotherium.

You ought to create hybrids as fast as possible as I have learnt that they can pack quite a punch!

you mean darting things

We all hope so

Lol yeah …

Suchotator is the best first choice for a hybrid, a total beast that can even face some to tier creatures. Go for it, you won’t regret it at all.