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When stun doesn't stun

How is it that I can stun my opponent and they still get the next attack within the same round?

Hey there, @Willblackout, this can happen with certain dinosaurs, as they have a Passive Ability known as “Immunity”. This makes it so that any and all negative effects will be deflected and have no effect.

I hope this helps!

That was a weak answer. I think you totally missed the point of his comment. Smh :man_facepalming:t4:

Hey Willblackout, if your dino was at a slower speed and you stunned your opponent’s creature using a priority move like “Instant Charge,” they will still be able to attack the next turn because they did not get a chance to attack the previous turn of the stun, despite being faster. Sometimes, this can cause a bit of confusion because it might seem like your opponent’s creature was not stunned. However, if you think that there could be an issue, I’ll be happy to try and take a look for you if you provided more details of your match.

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A stun makes them miss an attack. It might be this round if you went first, it might be next if they went first. It can get a bit hard to work out, especially when priority changes during the stun (e.g. Thag wore off) between rounds.

You can use these mechanics to your advantage too. Insta-charge stun is nasty when you don’t have priority this round, but will next round.

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it would be nice if it was an action-based game instead of turn-based. you’re not really stunned if the next action in the game is you attacking.

Nvm misunderstood

Here is where I poke holes in your explanation @Ned. My paramoloch is level 20, opponent paramoloch is level 17. I bring my paramoloch which is faster due to being a higher level and choose minimal stun strike. My opponent chooses greater stun and stuns me I loose a turn, I use the same move (greater stun) on his level 17 paramoloch and stun him but he doesn’t loose a turn. Explain that sir.

I totally understand this guys question! No matter if I took last turn or first turn the dinosaur should be stunned and not have the next turn, even if he does have priority! If I stay on him even if he has priority, he should be stunned, and I should get the next turn! I’ve had the same question for months. they aren’t going to change anything but what we are talking about is the fair way of things