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When the enemies always get stuns and crits


Honestly, this tournament is causing the worst losing streak ever for me.


Your not the only one… was 3852 and now 3618 cause higher level players stay around the lower ranks and mess up people who just wants to get by and grab incubators. It’s a fact, tournament isn’t fun unless your dinos are 20+ or unique


This is my team and all I’ve been doing is losing. Apparently my team isnt enough for top 500 anymore.


How is that team losing?!? You have an advantage over most teams, just maybe switch up the order I’m using tanks first and Op last? Maybe it might work.


I would say use this girl since she has immunity and 129 speed with nullified strike and evasion strike. She may not be faster then indoraptor but it’s good to balance out with two speeders and rest defensive and Attackers


Because of really bad RNG. A 25 stegodeus stands no chance if it constantly gets stunned and critted.


It’s faster than indoraptor :wink:


i lost count how many battles i’ve had where i lose 2, and sometimes 3, animals without even one attack…just yesterday, it was against a trike where the opponent kept using lesser stun (like a 25 percent chance of stun) and it stunned me 9 times in a row.

In what universe is that 25 percent?

Yet, i have animals with 75 percent stun attacks, and i’m lucky if i get two successful stuns a day.


I’m sorry that happened but eventually but don’t quote me on it but this will be reworked cause this tournament is truly unbalanced and unorganized having higher level dinos face lower level and constantly stun or one hit during the first phase.


Anyone hoping these problems get fixed need to understand if they really wanted to fix them quickly they could. But they don’t for a reason.

Yet here we wait and wait and wait and nothing.

It’s ridiculous how much money some people have thrown at this stupid game and they still can’t seem to be in a hurry to fix some of the issues like this that the game and people are having.

It’s ridiculous.


Yes you are correct just like coughs Pokémon go


In what reality does a level 18 stegosaur get stunned 3 times in a row by a level 12 stegoceratops? My stegoceratops is 14, and the amount of times I’ve pulled this off is…never.

Nailed every single one.
Possible, but the odds are highly unlikely.
Is this a cheat I’m missing?


Why does everyone think it’s some sort of elaborate plan. Do you really think they care who wins?


Dino lvl doesn’t have anything to do with stun RNG. A low lvl dino’s stuns have the same success percentages as a high lvl.
And as each move’s RNG is not dictated by the previous move’s succes or failure, the likelyhood of each stun hitting completely independent. Would you it make you feel better if they were cheating and not just lucky?


Of course they don’t care who wins .
No game would put every rank in a tournament to play each other without asking first if they wanted to join it .
So we all end up playing teams way above us , except those who are already at the top .
I thought it would have evened itself out by now , but no . I still find level 20 players with four or five uniques and level 30 legenderies sweeping past me . It’s such a shame .


You do realize that we were all together in the same group before the tournament started right? Why would Ludia need to ask us if we wanted to participate when we were already there in the first place? The only thing that has changed is the trophy drop to 3500 and the “arena droppers” trying to get back into the top arenas to get tournament prizes.

This game is still quite new, give them some time to implement changes. I can’t imagine that adjusting match criteria mid-tournament would be in the best interest of the game’s bottom line.


Maybe I missed something here, who said anything about Ludia caring who wins?
I certainly did not state or insinuate that Ludia could give two craps about who wins, because they don’t.
Is it possible to cheat a game based on computer code that runs on a computer?
You’d be very ignorant if you think it isn’t possible.
I simply asked if anyone knows of any cheat like that.
Never said I think the corporation is out to get me, nor did anyone else state that.


It isn’t possible to hack the game to effect moves or stats of dinos. It’s said on this forum a lot though.

Stunning dinos annoy a lot of people whether it’s they work too well or not well enough. Best thing you can do if you don’t like playing with chance is use a dino which moves don’t depend on a percentage to work or not.


Lol, look into how maps worked in Pokemon go, and tell me you couldn’t do the same thing to this game.
Yes, bots were used, but they also emulated the server code to get locations. If you can emulate the server, you can do more than just get monster/dino locations.
Again, if you think you can’t cheat a game running computer code on a computer…

Just because you don’t think it’s possible, it can’t be possible…bwahahaha.


LoganSBT, what computer languages are you fluent in?