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When The Fur Hits The Water

I Have An Idea For The Next Hybrid In The Jurassic World The Game. It’s Called Styxostodon.
It’s A Fusion Of Styxosaurus And Mastodon. Styxostodon Has A Furry Body That Keeps It Warm And A Two Large Tusk At The Side Of The Mouth. And Yes, Styxosaurus Is An Aquatic Creature. So Yes, Styxostodon Is Gonna Be An Aquatic Creature Too.

And Mabye Styxostodon Can Be Fused With The New Mosasaur’s S-Dna And Makes The Super Hybrid: Mosostodon.


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I like this idea, a furry fish…

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A furry fish looks pretty! But Fur doesn’t matter any on warm! Try wrapping a few towels around your hands and soaking them in the water?