When the Jurassic world the game Christmas update comes out

Can you tell me when the Jurassic world Christmas update comes out?


I’m relatively new to JWTG but I guess it should be coming out anytime mid/late in December.

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I’m gonna guess around Christmas

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I was excitedly waiting for it or the the AW to come but still no trace of them both. I think I am gonna finish the CoT off a lil while later like today which I was keeping it stall for a bigger LP income but the tourney is about to start and all my focus will be on that and also the boss event. But I have a strong feeling that we will see the announcement right after we complete both of the events on Monday. So keep tight with the sources, we will definitely need them in a week or couple. :wink: :+1: @Alexis_0988 @Jurassic_Fury @DinosaursRCool

Edit: Oh I realised that the end of CoT is still Monday which can earn me some time to complete it if a booster pops up that morning on the announcement board. Cause I am planing to be done with the tourney like in the evening of Sunday. Let’s see all together.


Its like 5 battles right? Keep 4 done and then you can do 5th on the last moment.


Yes that’s what I have planned for. But as I said, if there won’t be anything to show up that day, I just be the one skipped the chance of lvl 30 Tupuxuara like now as having had the chance of finishing CoT 2-3 weeks ago. And be waited just for nothing, sad.

I just recently created a topic about this, let’s move on to that for the further discussions.