When the reset gift comes to us?

just like I said, tournament started few days ago.

but still, there’s nothing in my mailbox.

did I missed something?
(I created a topic like this when the first tournament ended, and others told me
an answer about that)

I know the first tournament had a reset gift but I didn’t read anything like that for this second one.

I was apparently an elite player when the last tournament started but I’ve been stuck at sorna marshes for ages so no reset present for me this time

but they said there’s some reset gifts for
players who earned more than 4k trophies…

No there’s no reset gift this time…

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The gift was only for the first tournament


Makes me feel a bit better thanks


No gift. Not even Koolasuchus or Concavenator DNA this time. Of course, not sure which is worse… :confused:

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Who is my epic incubator I have 4250 thropies