When the two creatures have the speed increased by 10%, the game badly determines the priority

It has happened to me several times to see how a slower dino acts before mine when we both have the speed increased by 10%. the last case was in the current Mi purasaura championship (130) against an indominus g2 (128), neither slowed down and both with 10% more speed and the indominus g2 acted first.

Did the Indo2 already use Cautious Strike once before you used your speed up? Because those stack…


There’s always a reason. Like Piere said, in this case Indo2 certainly used two speedups… two Cautious Strike (or one CS and one MF) raises speed two times, so it will be faster.

That’s interesting. I didn’t multiple speed up (or slow for that matter) stacked together.

Yeah, that’s how I get faster with Indo Gen 2 against others who are 140 speed. Using CS once won’t make me faster than them, but using it twice will. It works out.

That’s very interesting. I never knew that.

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This is crucial to know now with this stupid Cautious Strike

Yeah I don’t think it says anywhere in the Nauseous Strike tooltip that the speed stacks, it should definitely mention that…unless its not intended? like a bug or something.

Every speed up and slow stacks

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Really? =O, I don’t think ive used a speedup twice in a row so I guess I just assumed they didnt! No wonder I always lost speed ties haha!

Thanks for letting me know…though im also Aussie so I just assumed it was a server issue!

Knowing that doesn’t help much with speedties, believe me…

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Gracias !!! No sabĂ­a que se apilaba

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Thank you !!! I didn’t know it was stacking

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