When to open the championship incubator

Hi all,

One of our alliance members is a level 14 for now and almost a level 15. What about the championship reward incubator. Will the rewards be higher when he’s a level 15? So it’ll be worth it to wait a few days? Or are the rewards based on the level you’re in atm you get it?

Who knows the answer? :slight_smile:

The rewards change with the level. I’m just not sure if they will change if he levels up after championship ends. Probably better to level up to 15 before opening rewards, but I’m not sure if this will change rewards. Let us know what happened of he chooses to wait and level up before opening it :+1:

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Wait. The higher the level the higher the rewards. I can confirm this. If u don’t join any other alliance. You will have time till the last minute of the next tournament to claim this tournament reward

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Rewards will change according to your level. It will give the rewards of which level you are at the time of opening, doesn’t matter which level you were when the championship ended. So I will say wait till reach the next level. I don’t know how long you can wait. Best ti open before the coming tournament.

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Thanks for all the answers! He’ll wait! :wink: :slight_smile: