When using cash to open battle incubators


So my husband and I are having two different experiences with this.

When I use cash to open a battle incubator early and there are 10 darts in it, if I am already at 140 it does not let me accumulate any additional (which honestly doesn’t seem right when I’m using cash to open them).

When my husband does the same, the darts will be added to his count whether he is at 140 or not. For example, he will go from 140/140 to 150/140 by using cash to open an incubator.

Seems like one of us has a glitch. Does anyone know what it’s supposed to be?


According to my experience battle incubators don’t give additional darts but the incubators from the market do.
I don’t know if the incubators from the market only give surplus darts if you buy them with real money or always but I guess that’s the main difference between them, you can buy incubators from the market with real money.