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When we will get 'SCORPIOUS REX' in the game

I don’t remember exactly but I think we got indoraptor in JWA in or just after September 2018,I think so…in camp Cretaceous s.rex is the most fearsome creature and we already have ‘Bumpy’ and Glowing para lux,so as per my assumptions we will get s.rex at the end of the years as same as indominus and indoraptor…

I think indoraptor came out with the theatre release of fallen kingdom . I say scorpius rex is very possible next update. If we get him. We could very well just get the hybrids from the survey


In Gaming Beavers New Jurassic World Alive Video Scorpious rex will be introduced into the game next friday in update 2.8.

Actually release notes are coming out this Friday and the update is coming out some time next week.

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release notes come fridays and then the update drops tuesday on the week after

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Its been leaked

check gamepress

Yes I saw that…thanks guys.

It would be hard to add it into the game as ahem, it is a hybrid and one of it’s components is scorpion fish DNA

  1. scorpion fish is not even a prehistoric creature
  2. even if Ludia does overlook it not being a prehistoric creature, how can they add it in if there are no aquatics?

Parasaurolophus lux exists and is made with cuttlefish dna

So what makes you think scorpius cant happen

could be like indominus case, it had many ingredients but was toned down to 2, so scorpius rexes ingredients can be toned down or it can just be made a regular creature

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Could we be getting our first non hybrid unique?

no. Scorpious rex is a hybrid, It is the first hybrid created(before Indomimus rex)

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think about Indomimus rex. Indomimus rex is part camelion and that is not in the game

I don’t think it has chameleon dna, if you’re thinking chameleon because of its chamoflauge, that’s cuttlefish dna as real life chameleons don’t shift colors like that and they said in the movie it was the cephalopods dna.

I’d assume for scorpius we would be able to fuse something to create it as a hybrid, but we don’t know much of its ingredients(that are available for us to use for fusing it) other than the fact it includes some medium-large therapod dna and raptor dna, and like indom and indo would needs its ingredients dummed down. Since we don’t know much about it still I think the best option is to make it just a non-fusable.

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I’d honestly just use the raptor pack memebers (might be why we got the blue raid), and then carno, rex, bary… DNA, maybe even Bumpy. If it was a non fusable unique i’d like it to just not get a hybrid, ever, cause it would realy mess with the raritys and stuff

It could be a non hybrid legendary, but if it’s a hybrid and problably a few of it’s components are in-game why would it be a non hybrid then? So i’d say it’s way more likley to be lets say blue + carno or even a secret toro just kidding, theres no way a toro could be missed in the datamines

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Yeah, we all know that but the show has also not specified what Scorpios’ components are. Whereas we know Indom and Indos components