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When we will see the night lights?

When we will be able to train night light and how we will get it? If we get it from the breedery there MUST be option like “ARE YOUSURE YOUWANT TO BREED THIS TOOTHLESS WITH THIS LIGHT FURY? IF YOU BREED THEM YOU CAN BREED ONLY THEM” because Grimmel said “the furies are breeding for all life” and if they add the night lights what kind of colors they will be🤔? I dont want to see 5 different night lights(1*,2*,3*,4*,5*)
I wana to see 3 legendary or three 4* night lights with colors green, blue and purple because they have these colors(white one is with green eyes so it will be green color, the black one will be blue color because it has blue eyes and the third one will be purple because it have purple flame as the others but there is no other color for it) Hope we will see them soon!
And by the way there will be update at the dragon textures!


If/when they add the Night Lights, I highly doubt they would make such discrepancies as adding more than those that are already established as canon. Other dragons are pretty much free game to tweak and mold, but those that are the main cast arn’t really given much, if any room to budge on. The most Rise of Berk did was give them paint markings you could choose to take off at any time. They might get costumes like the others in the future too. But that will probably be the extent of any ‘changes’.

Things might also change with the upcoming Snoggletog sequel short (is that still a thing? I heard about it forever ago and it only seems to be whispers now). Considering I thought the Night Lights were supposed to be a part of that too. Maybe they’ll be developed further and we’ll have more information to utilize beyond matching their eye color to their card color. Not intending to bash the idea, I just know that there’s pretty much nothing to go off of with them otherwise.

And please, please, could you try to word things a bit better in your posts, or when you talk to support? I’m assuming you’re young, but you come off as very demanding and presumptuous. I’m also assuming you don’t mean to. But these are still people on the other side of these screens, working at a job like everyone else that they’re trying to enjoy. Please don’t pester them until you get the answer you, specifically, want.