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When will 1.9 drop?

Can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not, which makes it worse that Keith liked the post.

Where is the hunt? The only reason we know here that there’s going to be a spoiler posted on Facebook is because Kieth mentioned it, but most of the time stuff is just posted on random platforms here and there. How is there even meant to be a hunt when people don’t know somethings been posted because it’s been randomly picked for another platform.

News, teasers etc should ALL be posted on every platform, don’t be like the Devs and create exclusive content for ONE city so that all other players have to travel to reach it, that’s what this is, posting on one platform and expecting everyone that uses the forum to a) know somethings been posted on Facebook, b) to go hunting for it.

@Keith , I’m not joking here. This is a discussion forum, it is designed for posting. You know there’s an ANNOUNCEMENT forum here right, it’s designed for stuff like that. So why do you insist on posting stuff exclusively to Facebook and not here.

Don’t come up with the hunt rubbish as that’s a lame excuse.


The LACK of information is a turnoff for me.
It suggests incompetence or apathy.

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Hello GPx, while I appreciate you have strong opinions on where things should be posted, different platforms are better suited for different forms of communication and conversations. While the forums here are more suited for in depth release notes and having deep discussions on JWA. Other platforms are better suited to deliver other content. While you may not enjoy going to other social platforms some people do enjoy being the first to see something. Thank you for sharing your opinion.


I like to be the first to see stuff sometimes, what’s that got to do with the platform its posted on?

This forum is treated like trash it feels. It always gets everything last or late, with the exception of patch notes. Even the weekly schedule is posted on the forums AFTER the players have grabbed it from other platforms first.

You haven’t provided any satisfactory reason why you will not post the teaser on these forums. That’s because there is absolutely no genuine reason not to.

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let’s all take a breath here folks


After release of patch notes. We are missing the hybrid tease and then hopefully the notes. After those a new version and a lot of bugs that will need a fix.

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I agree with this. Totally makes sense

I for one prefer a single “Official” site or place to get all current game information from. If I have any question about current events, I can go get the “official” announcement.

With having current game information spread over several platforms, users will get mixed information, not knowing which is “official”. An example would be Facebook. Someone will mention they read something on Facebook. Was it one of the fan generated pages or the “Official Luda sanctioned” page? Reading something on Twitter, was it the official JWA or a fan based? “It is on the forum.” Which one? Is it an actual Ludia sanctioned announcement or not?

Then what platform presents what information? If I am curious about what event creatures and strikes are this week, which platform do I go to get the “official” documentation? Do I have to go through a list of platforms to open and search through each one to see if it is there? We recently had a user post a humorous ‘Announcement’ about upcoming release information. Did they copy it from another sanctioned platform or did they make it up? If there is a change to a weekly schedule or event, which platform will provide the most current data about it? If there is an emergency downtime for a patch, which platform would have that information? If there is a ‘glitch’ like the unlimited boost sales, where would I go to see if it is an error or correct? If my game is not loading at all, where would I go to see if it is a universal issue or just on my devise?

I expect an official company sponsored and maintained site, as the forum is, to contain all currently available game information with up to date recent changes or updates. There is an official “Announcement” forum here, why would it not contain ALL current game announcements?

If Ludia would like to also post to other platforms, great. But there should be ONE place to go to get ALL currently available updates and information. It would help much of the confusion about what is actually taking place about the game.

To add: This is not to say they can’t have the link to the free in-game currency on a different platform, as they do now. Or have special offers on other platforms. They can even post official game information to as many different platforms as they like.


@Keith: the problem is that not everyone is on every platform, and most of players have a job, a family, and so on, so that knowing that there’s a single place where all the relevant information is contained would work marvels.

So, I don’t see any issue in having a thread in Announcements communicating the relevant news, and leave the “whatcha gonna hunt today” for other social medias.

Any company should be about inclusivity, and help players to get the data, the info, the news in the clearest way possible. Saying “this stuff goes better on FB” isn’t a smart move, because people will get sick of this and stop playing the game. Which is not in any company’s interests.


Sorry if that hurt, but it’s true.

I don’t want to go to a plethora of social media outlets to get snippets of the total information I seek.

-10pts for feelings hurt and removing posts. Nothing personal. truly sorry if that hurt.

Apart from the annoyance, Ludia is a commercial company so trying to get maximal exposure on all media is not that weird. Our alliance shares most communications so we don’t miss much, maybe that’s a way around checking everything?

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Maybe I am a little confused, but all relevant and pertinent information is posted on the forums (Release notes, Important news, Announcements, etc). A guess at what is coming in the update via a video post on Facebook while fun does not have pertinent information. If you are worried that you miss out, these type of posts still make it onto the forums, usually via players who are excited to Share what they discovered.

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@Keith when will we see 1.9 is it next week ty

They won’t answer that, they never do. Even when Patch Notes are released there’s no date given. First we’ll know of it will be an announcement of planned maintenance.

@GPx so I can happen any time right

If the notes are dropped today then it normally is the Tuesday /weds week after…


Lol everyone wants an answer to “when will the patch drop?” Ludia clearly has no ability plan an accurate schedule for these things and everyone loses their mind when its late or doesnt load properly. Of course they arent going to make a commitment to when.

Personally, not looking forward to it. They rarely go smooth and without new bugs and issues. Only in the early days did they make things truly better, IMHO.

While I can’t tell you the date of the release of 1.9 the release notes are out here


Thank you. I’m excited