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When Will alpha's finally be fixed?

Alpha eats moves
Alpha freezes
Alpha attack didn’t count
Alpha energy is suddenly banished
Alpha Keys arent counted towards chest
Alpha killed all dragons at start
Alpha cant faint
Alpha foreverwing, when his roots are there specials cant be clicked on
Alpha energy schoen in Quest etc instead of normal energy

What would be added?

Most things were there from the beginning. Come on, time enough to look info and fix!!!


Has already added that after we do Alpha stuff, if we try to do daily, special etc quests, Alpha energy shows instead of regular. Started happening after the Arena update, with Arena energy doing that. For me it’s a constant.

Also, clan disconnects all the time.

Have talked about all of these in latest Fury Guardians statement about Alphas.

I haven‘t seen an Alpha eating a move in a long time (since I’m playing on a new device), could be he eats one move here or there, but it’s not as bad as before - instead my board sometimes denies me obviously possible matches or denies me to activate a special tile. Much worse in my opinion.


One alpha that needs to be fixed is the one that only occurs with foreverwing. You it creates the Vines and reshuffles if you’re stuck then your dragons receive damage. But sometimes the board reshuffles when you can still make moves. Then your dragons receive damage due to a bug.


@Marcus @Ned

I just had problems trying to match 3. I wasn’t able to and when I did a match 3 blue lined up but didn’t trigger.


Thanks for providing the video, KyriaDrakkina. I’ve forwarded it to our team.