When will dodge or cloak be used as it is meant to be?


It’s unpredictable. We don’t know if we use it, will we lose or win in the battle. Sometimes it works on some opponents, sometimes it doesn’t. :confused:


So it’s definitely used as it’s meant to be given how they designed the feature. I personally don’t think that it is designed well but that’s not to say it does not work. The change I would make would be as follows:

Cloak: one turn of guaranteed dodge. Second turn double damage. No more guessing and no more double dodge

Evasive Stance: one turn of guaranteed dodge. Either grant immunity from negative effects (since you dodged the attack) or get to counter attack. Or reflect the attack back on the user.

This is obviously a rough thought but the idea is to remove the element of chance and reward the user for timing the use… rather than apply it and hope for the best