When will I get an epic incubator


Hey guy I wasn’t wondering when will I get my first epic incubator I’m at 1800 battle rateing but I sitill haven the got an epic incubator so I was wondering when will I get oneness can you help me please


Edit: Ignore previous reply - I was thinking of large incubators that contain a small amount of epic DNA. I am yet to receive an epic incubator.


I am over 1500 and all i got is 1 rare.


I’ve got over 4-6 12 hour ones and two 24 hour incubators whoch are the 30$ paid ones so just hang in keep battling you’ll get at least one a month depending on how much you play and get incubators I believe it’s random though because I’ve been trying to find out a pattern but seeing nothing


Also I’m at about 2500+ in level 6


I’m at 1800 and lvl 8 but I’ve only gotten 1 12hour one but like 8 8 hour ones. Didn’t realize 24 hour ones were a thing until this post


Same. Also, what’s up with the Free gift every 6 hours? It literally gives you like 2-3 bucks, 18 coins and 3 DNA.


I do notice that I often get epic incubators after winning a tough fight. Maybe that’s a component?


If you win 3/0 you get them,


They’re completely random, I’ve pulled a 3/0 with just 1 dino and only got a 15min before. Also…24hr? Is this a thing?


An Epic incubator is the same thing as a 24-hour incubator. I managed to win one the other day (my first and only thus far).


Sometimes I wonder if incubator we got after battle isn’t really random.
I recorded the incubators I’ve got recently, it always follow a sequence.
3h 15m 3h 3h 8h, and then repeat this order.

But 12h and 24h incubator are too rare, so I couldn’t find out if we actually guaranteed to gain one of it after constant winning times.


Got my first ever one today.

Arena 5, looking forward to it :slight_smile:


I’m at 1823 trophies and I’ve only gotten 1 24 hour and 3 12 hour incubators. They are pretty rare. My only epic incubator did come from a 3-0 sweep so who knows if that’s a coincidence


I have only had one. Got it on a 3-0 win. I have won others since and got 15 minute ones. But i am wondering if the 3-0 factors into it, like increases the odds?


Got my first one yesterday on a 3-2 win (arena 5).


From my experience with a few others, 12 hr starts at arena 2, and. 24 at arena 4. I got my third recently at arena 6


You receive incubators based on a predetermined sequence. Every few cycles, the 8-hr is replaced with either a 12-hr or 24-hr incubator. This chart from MetaHub.info is kinda disorganized in appearance, but it shows the order. Your arena tier does not affect the type of incubator that you get.



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