When will it be updated?

When will it be updated?

When they release a new update! It’s not known dude, just enjoy the game.

I just do not have much to do.

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:joy: I really love this forum sometimes!

Too funny @Zoltan_Horvath !

Then you’re going to be waiting a long time between updates.

I haven’t mobile internet

I wouldn’t be too eager just yet… especially since last week and this week have been Pretty event heavy.

I would imagine Ludia would wait for a period of stagnancy to announce any new changes

Gotta spread things out and slow down the pace


The point where I stand is no strike event.

You do mean a major game update as opposed to changing to this weeks event?

It would be good

What would be good? What update are you referring to, are you meaning the change from last weeks event to this weeks event?

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If you are then look at this for times and convert it to your timezone.

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There is an update every month.

@GPx now that’s a good week :+1:t2:

Well I don’t pay attention to when updates come, only the announcements they make of the patch notes. Assuming they do actually update every month then maybe you should go back over the last few months and identify when they made them and work out if there is a pattern. :face_with_monocle:

I’m Sorry this is not right now.

search the posts of update 1.3 and 1.4 then mark down the dates in between. You should know what I mean.

But there where smaller updates as well.

But why are updates that important to you?

Cards are much more evaluated.

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