When will latest patch be available on amazon?

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I’m still on the .16 version and have still not seen a way to get the .18 yet. When will this be available?

If this doesn’t get through before CoT is over i’m assuming i will not be able to complete the event because at some point there will be a boss dino on the other team making the battle un-finishable meaning no CoT pack for me or the other 2 accounts I manage. I am going to try to not unlock CoT until i get the patch but I don’t know when that will be.

This also means I am missing out on PvE for 1 or 2 reasons be it the boss glitch or because i don’t want to brick my CoT before i get the latest update.

Probably gonna miss out on Stakeholders today because a boss dino will show up. It always shows up in the last battle for me as well which is even more annoying as i just wasted time and dino’s on the previous battles. Missing out on stake holders today is going to cost me at minimum 1500 LPs


It doesn’t matter if you unlocked the CoT ot not before the patch releases .If you face a boss in CoT then leave it there and wait for the patch , it’ll fix this problem. No need for you to not complete events because of this. Keep trying , some events may be finished without a boss showing up. You don’t wanna wait till it’s too late to unlock CoT.

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Good to know, can’t say i’ve been following the other threads about the glitch much to see how it all resolved.

Yeah my infinity battle changed as soon as I updated so just to confirm really that any battles you have with bosses will do the same upon updating.

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Anything to report on this front

Hi Andy,
Unfortunately, I do not have any news at this time. Hopefully, it will come out soon.


And still…

I’ve unlocked CoT on my account, 1st battle. I’ve submitted a ticket. I will unlock CoT on D1 and D2’s account over the next couple days and will submit tickets for their accounts as well unless this issue is remedied by then.


This is ridiculous. Why is it taking this long to release a patch? I am not buying any packs as long as this bug isn’t fix.


4 days until CoT is over, still no real information about this.