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When will ludia fix Instant Invincibility?

Ludia. I think you misunderstood what the proplem with instant invicibility is. :upside_down_face:

From what weve read, it seemed like instant invincibility was going to be fixed. But it wasnt.
And why we though this its probably because of the way it was ritten.

Now, it does look like theyre talking about the 2 turn invincibility thing but what theyre actually talking about is the Taunt effect: “We’ve changed the Instant Invincibility Taunt duration to 2 hits rather than 4 hits.”

Its worded poorly. It shouldve been: "We’ve changed the duration of the taunt effect for Instant Invincibility Taunt to 2 hits rather than 4 hits (or 1 turn instead of 2 turns).

Now, why did they changed the taunt effect and not the 2 turn of invincibility? I have 2 theorys:

  1. They probably misunderstood the reason why IIT was broken in the first place.
    They saw all the complians about it: “Instant Invincibility Taunt last 2 turns and not 1. Ludia pls fix.” And because of how IIT is worded they though that we were referring to the Taunt effect that Instant Invincibility Taunt has.
    Did you get the idea?

  2. They probably know what we were referring to but they wait for 2.1.

  3. They themselfs though that the taunt effect is too good and had to nerf it and they also did not see any of our complains.


No, they were talking about the shield, which would go away in four attacks or one turn from the user’s perspective. Now it goes away in two, which only really helps counter-attackers. It’s better than it was, but still busted.

If they even played their game even slightly they would have seen how broken instant invisibility is. It should NOT be about how they interpret other people’s wording. Just play the game and it’s easy to see

It punishes using fast dinos against Tryko, dio, and dentist because they are protected for two attacks which allows for them to get another fatal blow in and most of the time the faster Dino will also die without dealing damage when they were supposed to revenge kill.

Visuals and graphics that would slow down battles normally changed which is nice but the overall experience in battle has not changed and is still trash


Poked our team about this, Nighty_201. Thanks!


It’s getting really really boring, ludia are you playing your game ? There is so many bugs in PVP, I was waiting for this patch before speaking but nothing changed ! Please do something

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@Nighty_201, I don’t think they’re talking about the taunt effect, because that was never specified to last for 4 attacks, as far as I remember. It just said “Taunt this turn” or something to that effect.

Just to clarify, take a look at some examples below:

As you can see Instant Invincibility and Instant Invincibility Taunt blocks 2 attacks while Group invincibility blocks 1 attack. While blocking 2 attacks is not a problem in Raids, its a huge problem in normal pvp.

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Daryx’s II & Maximas IIT work differently in the arena

Also look at swap in invincibility. It works differently than IIT even tho they both taunt.

Are you sure? I’m guessing that this is based on situations where the Maxima didn’t have priority, and the Stigydaryx did. Because otherwise that’s a bug. The shield lasts until the user attacks, so if the user is faster, it only lasts for 1 attack.

As for swap-in Invincibility, I don’t know why it’s like that, that might be a bug, or a description error.

I agree. This has been my experience. The shield has max benefit if it is slower.

Personally though, I’ve had no problem with it. I just smash it or bleed through it.

Part of me wonders if some are upset because they can’t use certain Dino’s. If a team is properly balanced or not as predictable, then it’s easy to defeat.