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When will scolosaurus be in the wild?

Just curious if any one knows?

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He is in the wild, just not in your zone.
Some people are plentiful of him, while others aren’t.
The only thing to do is just hope he gets into an event.


Scolo is and has never been wild. It was a featured dino once. Other than that it was a tournament reward


I know, that’s what I already said that.

Wait me?
I’m not lying, I’m stating the facts

Well, Skoola the only new hybrid that hasn’t been featured in hybrid pursuit yet…so it seems rather likely that after we have the next 3 weeks for Stygidaryx, there will be 2 weeks for Skoola. So mark your calendar for the weeks of May 6th and May 13th.

Of course they could drop 1.7 with new and improved spawn mechanics before then but I’m not holding my breath.

Scolo is tournament exclusive like diplo. Both only appear as tournament rewards or if they are part of a featured week. Scolo during armour week and diplo during high Hp week. No telling when or if they’ll be released.

But there was nothing factual about what you said because scoola spawns in no zone. Your response was a) either a flat out lie as a tournament reward he does not spawn in the wild unless he is part of a special event theme. Or b) a troll response given to trick the op into thinking it is spawning in the wild.


I’m assuming it’s neither. But option c) has no idea what he’s talking about

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Baryonyx’s are not to be trusted.
They will bite your face off. :skull:
Bummer about Scolo. I have seen 0 wild.

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It doesn’t make sense to me to have a common that you can make a hybrid to be only an exclusive reward; that’s why I was asking. Nobody in my alliance has seen it either. If it’s “exclusive” then I think it should be very plentiful when they make it available.

I remember looking at metahub and Scolo was in one of the zones.

Remember this?

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Wrong… check again

Ik, it was awhile ago before checking.
Dont need to tell me that.

Did u also see the article that they published when they were the first ones to datamine that it wasn’t going to spawn wild, but rather be a tournament exclusive? Because their 1.6.25 spawn mechanics hasn’t changed. Scolo was never on it

They last modified the 1.6 spawn mechanics on February 6th. More than likely the day it was published in general. So when did u see scolo on there? :thinking:

Basically is is a buyasaurus only available to those who spend enough in the game to win the tournaments

I just remember looking it up after the update.
It was on the page, scolo right on the picture.

MmmKay. Well it’s not wild. Never has been. Still isn’t lol. Pretty crazy that ur the only person in the world to ever see such a picture of scolo on the 1.6 spawn mechanics :joy: u must be special

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