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When will the new 1.52 update come out?

According to my calculations, the new JWTG update updated to version 1.52 should be released between May 1st 2021 and May 14th 2021
If this last date is exceeded it means that it will be a bigger update than usual!

Do you think I’m right?
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Alway remember we have camp cretaceous season 3 coming out on may 21st so it makes sense that an update is coming at that day. Indoraptor was also added at the release of fallen kingdom so we could see scorpius and the other new dinosaurs in a camp cretaceous update as well


I don’t think you’re right!
Ludia would never wait until May 21st, rather they would do 1.52 a minor update and 1.53 the Camp Cretaceous update!

Well considering that salamander 16 is also gonna be added its probably before

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I did this reasoning!
So am I right ??

Well we will see

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I’m in! :smiling_imp:

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