When will the Raid Hit Boxes be fixed?

So I found this thread from November 2020, and according to my calendar we are almost in 2022. For more than a year, this has been an issue, and today the Carnotaurus Raid Boss is preventing me from opening the Epic Battle/Incubator.

Is it ever going to be fixed?


Another issue is being invited to raids when offline but not getting taken to the raid lobby, I’ve had about 20 invites, 17 at a time I was able to click the notification, not taken to a single lobby.

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Probably never

This is still an issue.
I can’t get that lunar scent strike because clearly I tapped on the postimetridon that’s hundreds of feet away. /s.
If you can’t/won’t actually fix the raid hitboxes, then just stop the raid bosses from wandering all over the map and shrink the giant, invisible, circular hitboxes.

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