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When will the Summer Statue be available?

When will the Summer Statue in Rise of Berk be released, currently the Spring Statue in available now, but I want to know how long before the Spring Statue leaves and the Summer Statue comes cause it didn’t say anything like this in there!?

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Was looking for that too. It’s the 1st June so summer?

Has anyone received an update on this? I am waiting on the Summer statue as well.

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I’m looking forward to the summer statue. Summer officially begins on June 21st. I’ll bet we can expect the statue around then.

Hey there, just here to confirm that the summer statue will be back at the next update which is happening sometime next week! Stay Tuned! :slight_smile:

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Ok, thanks!

It’s the middle of July, we’ve had the update, and yet still no sign of the summer statue?! What’s going on??

Hey there Angie, the summer statue is available in the Berk market with polished amber. You should be able to see it there unless you already own the summer statue. Hope this helps!

Thanks Rose, finally found it! :slight_smile:

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Hello, why is the summer statue not available to buy? I have 3 of them, only need the last one and it’s July already and still no statue on statue market.