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When will the update (1.54) come out?

It has been a month and a half since the last update, personally I think it will come out on Friday with dracoceratops and possibly salamander 16


Whats in update 1.54?

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Yea what is update 1.54

Probably salamander 16 and dracoceratops

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What kind of an update is that​:upside_down_face::joy: its more of an addition to the game

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The updates come in 1 to 2 month cycles. Last one (Update 53) was in June 22. Thus we are approaching the next update 2-month update period.

However the update could be a tiny obe where not much gets added.

My best guess would be in next week or week following that.


So ur saying that there r 6 updates in a year

We don’t know yet.

I think you maybe mistaken, updates aren’t necessary for ludia to add additional creatures to the game


Basically there is first a “big” update and a small one that alternate!
For the little one you have to wait 1 month, for the big 2 months!


Im saying the updates come every month, to two months.

The last update (53) was in June. Since we didn’t get an Update in July, this month would fall under the 2-month update pattern.

Thus we are due for an update.


Theyl mention it in the upcoming newsletter no doubt, which I think will be either friday/saturday judging by last newsletter.

So new boss possibly or new hybrid (guessing boss :disappointed:)…


Ludia seeing this emoji on your post

Be like :


It’s already the end of the week, and still no Update 54. Update 2.9 was already introduced in JWA, but what about JWTG? :frowning:

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