When will the update arrive?

Really exited for the new 1.5 update! I was just wondering if Ludia has any kind of release date on the update! SO HYPED! Going to be awsome!


We are really excited about the update too @Adam_Flodin! Make sure to keep checking back on our forum or other social media channels for the most up to date news.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JurassicWorldAlive/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jworldalive?lang=en

It would be awesome to know ahead of time so we can all be on wifi when it’s ready. :smiley: #soexcited


Yes. Well, when is the update? As leakages by 1.5 came out four days ago.

Would be nice to know the time, so we don’t get caught offguard.
It sucks for those on a data restricted plan when you open the game and are looking at a sizable download and no wireless.

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It’s a very good way and very good idea!

When they announce maintenance… thats gonna be your best indication going from past experiences.

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Yeeeeeess please Ludia!

They announced maintenance for tommorrow… seems likely update is comming