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When will update 2.7 release

I have been wondering when 2.7 will release. I have reasons to believe it could be Tommarow, Wendsay or Thurdsday.

In the 2.7 release notes ludia states that Blue will be replacing Wooly Mamoth on May 11 which is Tommarow, however another atricle states that a stat boost shuffle will start on the 13th. So Im not sure.

So when do you guys think the new update will release?

it’s tomorrow. ingame email said tomorrow. (May 11th)
so expect the game to be down at about 9am est for 3-8 hours.


Oh. ok I did not realize.

I just seen it the mail

Also i don’t think a boost reshufle counts as a part of the update

Yea, I think it’s just coinciding with the update

I want to say the boost shuffle is part of the update because people are going to want to take their boosts off the nerfed creaturs as soon as possible, and not have to wait.