When will we get better epics?

I haven’t seen a kentrosaur, a sinoceratops, am ouranosaurus, or an eirlikiosaurus in weeks now, and I need them to create better dinosaurs. I’m leveled up to 20 on most of my dinos, and wanna create better dinosaurs, but lack of seeing them is keeping me from being able to create the better dinosaurs in the game. Every week you keep offering epics in parks, etc, but so far, they’ve been lame. Who uses the koolosuchus? And this weeks offerings are just as lame. I’m a bus rider and I live pretty far from work, so I have a lot off opportunities to collect DNA, but it’s not worth it anymore. My trex is level 20, and I have over 7,000 DNA for him that I can’t even use cause I can’t create the trykosaurus. I’m pretty much done with this game since the DNA that’s been offered for the epics isn’t worth it. Too bad, was a fun game until the epics offered on the weekly basis, and the ones that pop up on the map aren’t worth it. I see the trex all the time, but that’s the only one worth the darts, but not anymore. I have so much of his DNA that it’s not worth wasting my phones battery on this app anymore

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Ludia holds back certain dinos to get you to buy their hideously priced incubs. It’s a cash grab.