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When will you seriously doing something with Sever Error and Connection Problems


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Bug Description:

  1. On the map the game have server error and connection problem many many times today
  2. When battle in arena, this problem still happen again and again, and i’ve lost many fight b/c of your game problems
    Area is was found in: every area

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1-
Step 2 -
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: many many time in map and everytime during arena battlle

What type of device are you using: ios

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
don’t just say sorry, your team should do something seriously about this problem
don’t ask me to check on my wi-fi and other things because i can play other game without this problem


Same for me using Android.
Other games are ok with no connection errors

Never had so many issues playing a game …
the newest issue since the last version? the game freeze, in addition to connection errors and crashes.


I get game freeze also since the 1.5… the new bug. This and difficulty with getting reconnected when the game is icon’d down in the background and you pop it back up.

My guess is the programmers are coding this game on 3.2Gb quad core computers with 16-24Gb of memory so they don’t and won’t see these issues. The reason these bugs are not getting fixed is the programmers in their ‘simulated’ environment can’t fix bugs that don’t happen to them.

We have single processor phones with a lot less memory in a game with multiple processes going at the same time. For me the GPS process hangs up and quits following me when I’m out hunting… CONSTANTLY… I have to kill and reboot the game… CONSTANTLY… This is the very reason I dropped VIP and am FTP.

I thought the radio station apps were bad. This game is 10X worse in performance. I give this game an A+ for addictiveness but and F- for performance. I get this grand hope when an update comes that some of these issues get fixed but am ever disappointed.


I think the connection problem of this game will never be solved by ludia, because they didn’t take action on this problem seriously. Everyday i have to lise 3-4 arena battle because of this stupid connection problem. This make sick and boring and boring. Don’t blame on the phone device or wifi because other games that i play are never have this problems


Its definitely this game… i can literally play brawl stars all day long without much of an issue if any. I occasionally get a laggy match.

But jurassic world alive i can rarely go more then 4 matches without running into something that requires me to force close the game. And by the time its restarted ive lost atleast one dino.