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When will?

When will your developers get pvp balanced? I win 3 matches and get “on fire” and my next match’ no matter what, is against someone with more than 2k power than me the last one had 20k and im sitting here with barely 9700 with my best group… have you all not received enough complaints yet or something because most players say pvp is broken BIG TIME! Can you not limit the number of trophies you lose when facing someone with such a power difference or something? Or put in a dang forfeit button so we don’t have to waste the time???

Also for gods sake put diminishing returns on deathwards for cori. You kill her and the players with no skill just a lot of money to spend simply cast fortune and them move her and instantly gives the whole team fury or deathwards or counter attack… Then again and again…


Pvp has been broken sonce the game started and is the most complained about issue on the forum. They will never fix it. You best bet is to not give these people any money or find a new game


Pretty much PvP yields a 50% win ratio once one gets back to their equilibrium after a reset. If there’s a problem, it’s the size of the player base.

I float somewhere between 3200 to 3500 before reset. I’m in the top 1000 in the world if I read the rankings correctly. In other words there aren’t many players on for me to compete against. The 1000 above me stretch to 9000+ trophies. Around me there’s, what, two, three hundred? I think I’m being very generous with that number and they’re either not on or playing PvE mostly. I try not to be on more than an hour a day and I skip most PvP.

I haven’t kept records. Seems I’ve noticed though I see quite a few players from the top guilds that are full of active, seasoned players and that require at least some level of participation. There aren’t more than a couple dozen of those guilds. The number of truly active players who put in many hours a day is just not big.

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Coriolis completely breaks pvp anyway so it can’t be fixed tbh