When you click on a dino at a strike tower


Bug Description:

I really wanted that DNA.


Wow that is really weird!


It looked like that the whole time I was darting.


Hey MagicFingers, I’m sorry to see that happened while you were trying to collect DNA. Contact our support team at support+forums@ludia.com with the screenshot and your support key so they can investigate the issue.


@Ned I just wanted to mention that it happened again today. This time I wasn’t near a strike tower. I clicked an event tower.


So it seems this bug is still in update 1.4. I had this many times at 1.3…had to reboor each time. Oh well. I hope ludia keeps a log of all these bugs mentioned in the forum and fix them in the future. It seems that less people report these at the helpdesk/support team because of long waiting line/response and therefore does get fixed. This forum has so much usefull info and community feedback, what a waste it would be, if not used to improve the game