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When you dodge but you don't dodge

Because dodge really isn’t dodge it’s fake dodge and fake dodge doesn’t really dodge it only barely dodges, so you dodge but you don’t really and you die and lose… I really hope this is something that Ludia decides to roll back in 1.9 because dodge means dodge, not sort of dodge! Tired of losing a match because I dodged but still died, when that dodge could’ve changed the outcome…


Yeah, I really hope this mechanic is reworked somehow.

Maybe something like…dodge can’t fully dodge more than 1 or 2 times in a row. But bring back the chance to fully dodge an attack.


No thanks. I don’t in the slightest miss losing a match because I’m matched against an RNG specialist who uses Evasive Stance and dodges all three times.


They need a swap in 100% dodge 100% damage.
They need a single 100% dodge move like the 100% shield move that deals no damage dodges 100% of damage.
They need a 2 turn dodge move that is 66% chance first turn and 33% the 2nd turn dodging 100% damage.
They need a 3 turn dodge that is 50% first turn, 33% 2nd turn and 25% third turn all that dodges 100% damage.

Dodge should include negative affects such as slow, lessening damage an bleed.


I’ve been thinking lately that the game needs an exhaustion mechanic where Dodge and Crit Rate become less reliable/effective the longer a dino/status effect is in play. Swapping for x number of turns (or at all) rests the dino and resets the exhaustion.

So many problems could get fixed as the RNG wears itself out.

It could also work for armor/shields (repeated swap-in moves too?) since you would expect them to degrade slightly with each hit. I’m not as much of a fan in this particular case since it introduces more RNG, but it could make battles more dynamic.


My thoughts exactly.

I like this idea

That’s not really what I’m talking about though.

What your talking about is diminishing returns and it’s been mentioned before but seems it’s not something Ludia will seriously consider as a fix for for heavy dodging, multiple sequential critical hits and lessening the chances of stun locking a player for multiple turns.

They need to change the name, at the very least.

Dodge does not mean almost miss.

Dodge does not mean partially hit.

Dodge means you did not get hit.


That said, having dodge V. dodge was a very long match of nothing happening. We needed change, just not what they gave us.

dodgeverb [ I/T ]

US /dɑdʒ/

to avoid being hit by something by moving quickly to one side:

fig. We have dodged a bullet a lot of times in the last three or four years.

Nope, you can say you dodged the full brunt of something. That means for example you dodged the full brunt of a Stego tail swing, but the tip of it with sharp plates still grazed you. So you dodged the full brunt or no?

That is what we say in Spain : “buscarle 3 pies al gato”.

To dodge or not to dodge… That it is the question. Whether it’s… Don’t remember more.

The actual DEFINITION of dodge.

You can play with your words all day long, bottom line is Cambridge definition.

Dodge = avoid. Not ALMOST avoid, not get slightly hit, but to actually avoid being hit.

How did that work out for you in highschool dodgeball when you got hit, but claimed to still be in the game? “I only got grazed, I’m still in!”

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Troll? Lmao it’s you guys fussing over a word.

well, they could nerf/change evasive stance to only dodge for 2 turns, and give ot 3 to 4 turns cooldown or something, but maybe increase the dodge chance to 75% or something just to not make it too terrible

Well I think where the problem comes in is not evasive stance, those back to back dodges are ridiculous, but more so in the single round dodges ie: cloak, sidestep, and that might be it. Why have a 1 round move that can pass but totally fail at the same time, it makes it completely worthless! Those moves should either dodge completely or not at all, not dodge some damage. Evasive just needs a rework.

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