When you get 100 hybrid DNA

… for the first time of … Indoraptor ! It’s a real pleasure :smiley: (had 65 DNA and now 165)

What about you ?


I got a 100 on a Monolometrodon the other day…

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You have my condolences

I got 100 like a week or two ago on my newly created Indoraptor also…I was literally cheering irl lol

I’ve also had three 70s and a 50.

I’ve been more lucky fuse wise on Indo then any other dinosaur lol, which is great.
Mine is sitting ready for level 25 when I have the coins.

Gratz btw :hugs:

I’ve been playing since June and never saw a 100. In fact, my surprise was big a month ago when I saw a 90 (I thought the maximum was 80).

To see a 100 is the lottery, to see a 100 in the fusion of Indoraptor is two lotteries together, congratulations! I had from saturday 103 DNA of Indominus REx and 0 of Velociraptor … I got 2000 Dna velociraptor and oh surprise, 10 in the merger. I got 2000 more and oh surprise, 10 more. Now I have to find between 2500 and 4500 velociraptor DNA for the next fusion …

  1. Got 100 for Nodopatasaur. Perfect time since I was craving a Stegodeus to survive the arena
  2. Got a 90 for Monomius recently
  3. Got quite a few 70’s & 80’s

But all that doesn’t cover up for a streak of 12 10’s for Pyrritor :confounded: