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When you get lucky with RNG during fusing

Just landed an 80 on my Tryko. Shes level 25 now :smiling_imp:


Congratulations, Ketchup!

I dont have any photos of the process, but form going from lv 15-20 on purrolyth, every other fuse was 30-80. Very little 10s.

I had a similar experience, complete opposite of what I get at magna.
I had something like 40 70 40 50 20 50 40 60 20 10 10 30 70 50. Ankyntro did not disappoint either!
Managed to get it from 25 to 27 from the rewards today. Magna is more like 10 10 10 10 20! 10 10 10…

That’s how it was for me with indo. took forever.

How many 10s do you think I got in a row yesterday+today? Go ahead and guess. (If you want)

I’m gonna guess 6. granted idk how much dna you had to work with.

Had 250 ankyntro dna since i got 1500 anky from the season

Got 1 20, 3 10’s, and 1 80

I got 41 10s in a row

I was way off. And that is some horrible RNG.

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Ive just been getting 10’s out the ying yang on everything, then when i go to fuse for Purrolyth, i get almost every one as a 30, a few 50’s, and even got a 100.

Fusing definitely is rigged for certain creatures

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I got a 50 today toward fusing it! Now I’m only 100 DNA away from grossly OP Turtlesaurus rex.