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When you KNOW rng is against you


So, this just happened.
Was in a battle, opponent pulls out an Erli, I switch to Tany from Tuoram expecting them to cloak. They do, as soon as the Erli starts to cloak, the games freezes. After a few seconds its back to normal and then I couldn’t pick my Null ability for Tany. Timer runs out and Tany basic attacks while Erli gets a full cloak charged hit on it.
What the heck game!?

I actually would of won this match if it weren’t for that happening. This was my third loss in a row to rng or something happening to make my opponent win.

I’m on to you Ludia. >:(


You always crit against me and I don’t crit against you! You deserve some bad luck! :joy:

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Maybe that Dracoceratops has something to do with it :eyes: jk jk

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I don’t mean too. D:

I actually found out that I have my worst rng on Tuesdays and Fridays. Its like its on a timer or something.