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When you love something


You go through all kinds of pain for it.
Even finger cramps when you’re repeatedly tapping the screen for 12 minutes. Lol

I had about 300-ish Ankyg2 dna left over. Little sad if you ask me considering I started with 5500.


Yeah, you’ll get to the level you want eventually- don’t give up like all those haters- I have sat for hours doing this :slight_smile:

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Oh, I won’t. I’m keeping this baby on my team as long as possible. :slight_smile:

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Yes I have that one Dino that’ll never leave. Alanqua. Been on ny team as long as I can remember. Also not to be rude but, why anclocodon? :confused:


Immunity, shield, high crit chance and she slows.
She’s taken down plenty of legendaries and uniques in the months I’ve had her on my team. :slight_smile:

Not to mention, I’m a sucker for how adorable it looks.


Yeah, I’m guessing she’s saved you a couple times in her life?
Even before the swap in I had draco2 on my team. She’ll never leave… until she’s nerfed… tomorrow…

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More than a couple, its an everyday thing. Lol

Not one I’d pick, but cool. Lol


It works for my rundown:


I have swapped pyroraptor into it instead of erliko, and swapped mirigia for einosucus.


I got a couple of rare incubators and levelled up Draco to level 10+ that’s why. It was my highest level dino

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Yea I can understand your pain, my ankylocodon is at lvl26 lol. Imo, typically u need abt 3 times the fusing dna required to reach the next lvl. So if you need 2500 dna to reach next lvl, the fusing dinos need to have at least 7000-7500 dna, to be certain of reaching. Unless u are really lucky n hit a lot of 40s n 50s.

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I know this feeling bro,i do the same with pyrrolith lvl19 ,charlie lvl19,euoplocephalus lvl 21,stegosaurus lvl22, t-rex lvl 21,stegoceratops lvl19 and einasuchus lvl 19
I am to 3300 trophy and my team have only one legendary:lvl18 stegodeus


During that entire fuse run, I got one 100 and a TON of 40s and 50s.
Once I hit about 4700 dna on the Ankylocodon though, I started hitting a lot of 10s and 20s. Got worried for a moment since I was low on fuse dna by that time.


I feel the same way about my dear suchotator

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I’ll match your Suchotator and raise you two levels …

A labour of love … over a quarter of the way to L29.

Waits for @Anthony_Papadopoulos to raise the stakes …


an advice trex is much better than baryonix


I’ll match your Suchotator and raise you two levels :laughing:

Glad to see there are so many people who appreciate her as much as I do!

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So I thought as well. It turns out the crit on a bary at this level is 2800 with my Rex at 2600 I think. Thanks any way :slight_smile:


I like this baby also, mine is only lvl 20 though. Lol