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When you make 1.8 have 25% of active players run a beta test for 30 days to run bugs out

Please run beta test before releasing 1.8…


Excellent Idea. I was thinking of posting this suggestion yesterday.

I like this (positive) idea. My only concern is that will there be a large enough playerbase when 1.8 drops? :slight_smile: I mean most of the playerbase is already fed up with 1.7 and who knows how many of us would just leave before 1.8 arrives.


Interesting note… they have betas… but there not for testing per say. There for content creators to use the new features so they can tell us the ins and outs of the new systems.


I think it would be best to let some of us the people who play it every day to test it and send them feedback every day.

i made a joke yesterday, let me quote myself:
this game should be renamed to “jwa - beta” for now…

well… seems own ludia test team is not enough, maybe the code is getting so complex that needs large scale to see bugs.