When you realize Thor will still be an absolute monster in 1.8, despite its overall crit damage getting nerfed

Edit: This was made to make fun of the OP Thor thing. It kinda is op if someone wastes all their boosts on just it and not their whole team evenly, but even then, since the team nerfed the speed boosts, it has been a lot easier to manage. Again, this was just made for lol’s :wink:



Honestly, it was nerfed overall because of that crit change. Despite the buff, the new crit multiplier makes its critical hits do less than they would in 1.7, so while a non-crit attack will do more damage, a crit wont do as much. Thor is often reliant on crits to do the obnoxious damage it’s infamous for, but if it doesn’t have luck on its side, its much easier to dispose of.


The problem comes when your dinosaur can’t distract. If you have 4500hp and the Thor crits for 5k instead of 7k, your still dead lol


The change will not stop broken thor. Will be just as broken as is now for sure.

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Lol. File this hot take with “Magna sucks now” and “Rinex is useless” and other terrible takes.


It was easy enough before for folks that face teams of equal levels and boosts. The nightmare Thor these poor shell shocked folks face has more to do with matchmaking than Thor itself; it’s just not that good of a dino.

If Thor overpowers you in 1.7 it was mostly matchmaking and somewhat you.

If Thor runs you in 1.8 it’s you. Do better.

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What u mean thor not a good dino? Was good even before boost. Thor not good dino how? That a dumb thing to hear on forum.

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Let’s hope it gets BRUTALLY nerfed in 1.9

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Honestly, if you guys wish for my opinion on this, I have the feeling that new concavenator hybrid might be the Thor counter we’ve been needing. It has distracting moves out the ying-yang. Seems it has the added bonus to be good against Tryko as well, although it may have issues against Dio

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It wasn’t a Tyrant dino until it found its niche countering DC. That’s partly gone so it’s not that good and it’s less useful in general depending on how the changes take effect.

It was never that good unless your team was ill equipped to deal with it.

No. Just opinion is all. Thor is damn good dino to most.

But how does one kill a Thor that one shots your full health dinosaurs simply because the random selection doesn’t give you your distracting dinosaurs?

Edit: Or they bring it out third when you have gone through all your distraction dinosaurs!

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I said “not that good” in a situation above. You’re trying to make something out of nothing. Carry on.

U dont. Thor kill u

Stop the automatic move on thor number 2 turn is much needed.

How about you counter it and leave the dino alone?

How about not fanboi over thor and leave me alone?

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You started a terrible thread about Thor and are annoyed by opinions…

This board is hilarious.

Your edgy misspellings have me interested though. As a part time DJ do you find hunting a chore, Homi?

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grabs a bag of popcorn and watches the comments go downhill