When you realize Thor will still be an absolute monster in 1.8, despite its overall crit damage getting nerfed

I honestly didn’t. If I knew that he wasn’t an English speaker I would not have said that. But as you say it was before he said so


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And like I said it is a really bad ”insult”, because you don’t always know. It’s fine in a friend group, when you know where the line goes etc., but in a forum that is open for non-English speakers I would leave it. I know a lot of people who have questions of this game and others, but they don’t go to forums, because instead of getting an answer they get laughed at for their bad English. I apologize if I missed the joke or took what you said the wrong way.

I do not use translater at google most of time. Translator not work right. Changes words into different words that are not intended and not understood.

Sometime I translate with google and translate my response to english and back again, then it talks of total different stuff that not make sense.

I know english not good but at least can understand and be understood most of times. With translator it goes from dinosaurs to boats or total random things that not understand at all.

Thor is still monster dino. I do not have yet but have to fight in estate and always do too many crit attack and auto turn on move 2 is unfair…