When you spend all your carno dna on Scorpio 3

🥲🥲🥲🥲 indotsurus seems so good, they really made carno have 3 hybrids or 2 super ones. I guess Scorpio 3 is really good, but indotsurus looking like an absolute beast, can’t believe it might be able to ko a Dino on a counter

That’s why I haven’t spent anything on Scorp3 past creation.

I hate how two of the best hybrids in the game require the same dino. Not only is it a nuisance in general, it leaves me with less dinos to target when out and about.


I spent way to long walking around to get carno dna yesterday… ended up gathering 10k dna… I nearly collapsed because I walked for nearly 3 hours :roll_eyes:


Same, I unlocked scorp G3 but left it at 21 and its one my team because it does a good job vs trykos and dios and it can get me a draw :joy:

I have 11k carno but I don’t think that enough to get indoT, only lv10

I went all the way with SR3 and no regrets. I still have 61K of Carno DNA left.


It may not be enough but there’s a high chance you’ll get it, if you don’t get it with that much carno dna than you are very unlucky

And since players have limited resources, they’ll probably only focus on one or the other - likely whichever one is better. Unfortunately that means that no matter how good one dino is, it may never really be meta simply because the other is better, so nobody has it at team level. With Carnotaurus, even if Carnotarkus got a buff, it probably won’t be relevant ever again with everyone investing in Scorpius and Indotaurus. So when Ludia gives still more hybrids to stuff that already has them, they’re really just shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to potential meta diversity.

If Indotaurus had a different ingredient, it would be feasible for players to use both it and Scorpius. But because they use the same ingredient, it’s only really practical to use one. Which is a shame, because they’re both great fierce dinos which the meta desperately needs, but now they won’t be as widely used as they could be.


I have enough Carnotaurus to do 29 fuses. I have 15 fuses worth of Indominus Rex Gen2 and 1175 fuses toward Indo Rex G2 if I need more.

Having 3 Indo’s on a team sounds interesting to try.

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They practically told us that carno would be the fused with indo gen2(unless they introduced a gen2 or toro) to create the new indo. Luckily ive been rushing to get scorpio gen 3 to 30 before it was release so I wouldn’t have to share dna. After getting carno to level 20 and the brief hunting i was able to get 9 pops at creating it. At least i have a reason to hunt on fridays now but I probably wont go out the way to hunt for endless hours. Wont be shocked if they make carno global after the on going complaining after the update but i rather them not. Id probably find more carno in one day rather than it being diluted amongst everything else.

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They did… but what they DIDN’T tell us was that Carnotaurus was about to get a new superhybrid in Scopius G1, and a new unique hybrid inScorpius Rex Gen 3, and THAT is the important detail. Without the Scorpius’s, there was sufficient access to Carnotaurus DNA to fulfill the DNA requirements. But ever since the Scorpius update in 2.8, it’s too much, and we had no way of knowing about what was happening in 2.8 when we voted.


Whats the time between the scorpio and that survey? I feel it wasn’t too far apart maybe a couple of months. I feel there was still plenty of time to prepare. But i mostly wished it was toro instead.

I for one…don’t care to much about the new Carno hybrid…idk just isn’t my cup of tea. Lol. Scorp g3 just seems better. Idk just my guessing opinion.

Well the survey happened a couple months before Scorpius was released (which there was no warning for unless you read the datamines, which Ludia doesn’t expect us to). So voters had no clue that Carnos DNA requirement was about to jump up considerably. Then they only just now in 2.10 officially announced that Indotaurus won the poll, so there realistically shouldn’t have been a way to prepare for it. It was datamined, but I think it was datamined after Scorpius was already released? And again, that wasn’t even official: most players don’t actually know about the datamines (talking non-forum users here), so people getting information as Ludia intended would have just poured all of their Carnotaurus DNA into the strong new hybrid - only to get blindsided with this new Carnotaurus hybrid that they didn’t really know to prepare for.

Hard to say where everything was released and what not. But 2.8 should of been a sign to stockpile on everything because nobody knows whats coming. I at least been darting all those dino components that were voted on. Maybe ankylo wasnt released this update, whats to say it wont be next patch. No specifics if it was trike gen 1 or 2 or a new gen 3 (that was informed was coming) but better safe dart both. I ,of course, am not a hard core player like the top but I appreciate the options and the journey in leveling them up.

Not really, everything has a given date, and it’s in the order I said. The easiest one (and most important) is that we didn’t know Indotaurus won until yesterday. Not really any time to stockpile there. We didn’t even know what update the winning creature would be released in. With Carnotaurus getting so many hybrids in 2.8, that may have been even seen as a sign that they WEREN’T about to give it another hybrid. And since Scorpius is so good, you really can’t fault players for investing their entire Carnotaurus supply into it. Even people who were able to read the datamine a bit earlier and known to save up Carnotaurus may not have enough. The rule of JWA is really to dart everything, and I did for the relevant dinos. Personally my Scorpius is still at level 21, I didn’t even work on it, and I still only have around 3k Carnotaurus DNA saved up.

I really don’t see it as the players fault here. It’s Ludia’s for 1) adding a new hybrid to a dino that has too many, increasing the DNA for that dino far beyond what is reasonable for the average player 2) failing to inform us that Carnotaurus was about to get two more hybrids during the poll so we could make a properly informed decision when we voted and 3) not telling us the winner of the poll ahead of time so we can prepare (although to be fair on this last one, new dinos are always a surprise, so people aren’t exactly supposed to “prepare” ahead of time in the first place). In this case, it’s simply too difficult for the average player to reasonably obtain enough Carnotaurus DNA to fulfill all of its requirements with it’s current availability, and that’s the core problem here.


3k carno and scorpio at level 21? That just seems like a lack of interest in the game. I dont put that much time and effort and i have like 8k dna even after getting scorpio to 30 and carno to 20. I read somewhere on here that someone went out walking for hours to collect carno dna, yeah im not about to do that. Ludia could be held responsible for a lot of things but this one just isnt it considering if it was out there for the thing to be darted a while ago.

I mean maybe, but for lots of reasons over-extending a dinos DNA requirement is just bad for the game. And that’s totally on them.

But everyone reasonably just spent all their carno on Scorpius. And if they knew to save it, it’s because they read datamines, which we have to remember Ludia did NOT intent for us to do, and indeed the majority of players probably didn’t. So it’s just a pretty shady way of running the game. Players could play optimally with the information Ludia provided to them and still get blindsided by this update.

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fun fact, i fused tons of scorpio but since i got like 100k dna from the weekly incubators i still have around 73k dna left LOL!

Well assuming your carno is at level 10, you’ll need around 10k DNA to get it to level 20. Then with 500 DNA for fuse you’ll likely need 74k to unlock Indotaurus and get it to level 30 (assuming that’s your team level). So congratulations! With your massive pool of DNA, you might barely have enough to get your Indotaurus to team level! Now imagine what a more casual player (i.e. most players, and the players that will keep JWA alive going into the future) have to deal with.

(I’m legitimately happy for you, but I just want to point out that the vast majority of players are not going to be in your position)