When you win a million dollars


They did it boyes…


Obviously you’re a cheat


The original poster is not the same as the player with level 30s…I believe @Bapt5918 is just bringing attention to it. Anyone can look up the teams in the top 50 so be careful before you accuse someone…and for those who take screenshots like this, be sure to point out if it’s not your account so people don’t jump to conclusions.


Imagine how much they have to run or invest for such a team. :sweat_smile:


Actually i’m level 10, i don’t have such money to spend (and i won’t even do it if i had it). So no need to say i cheated when this is someone on the leaderboard (Not even the 1rst)


Also no one knows if that person cheated either. Might be a rich kid w/ a Black Card. :man_shrugging:t3: