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When you wish there was an "apology" option


Has RNG just ever been SICKENINGLY in your favour so badly (Crits, Stuns, Dodges, etc) and you 3-0 your opponent but like you’re WISHING they did better because their line up wasn’t even that bad?* Share your stories! I just critical hit and dodged my way to a 2-0 with my Indoraptor and then, on top of that, got an unnecessary additional Crit with my Allosinosaurus when my opponent sent out their Dracorex Gen 2, too. It was SICKENING stuff.

*NOTE: Not a topic to complain about RNG. Please do that in the 9002 other threads that exist for that.


I do feel sorry sometimes, specially when my Utasino solos the whole match as it nails every crit and stun; plus gets through every evasive move.


i have 3-0 people in aviary without losing a single HP and never swapping from my opener. dodge giveth but also taketh :man_shrugging:


I’ve had the worst string of bad luck the last few days. I would like many apologies lol :rofl: hubby says it’s because I don’t spend as much money on the game as I used to.

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That happened to me when I battled against the gaming beaver

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I felt legitimately sorry for the dude, being butchered through Evasive by Tenontorex


Once won a battle 3-0, and my opponent didn’t get a single move in.

RNG was on my side for a change, and every stun landed (this was before they removed the ‘minor stunning strike’).

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Dodged my way through a team on 3 occasions i turned to my wife and said i feel sorry for this player they must be raging and if you are on the forum and you fell victim in lower lockwood i am sorry

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I only feel sorry when it’s pvp bc I kinda know who I’m fighting and they might have a better team. I appreciate the practice though!


I was helping a low level friend play and trying to teach them effective battling. I used her Gallimimus. After Gallimimus dodged for the 5th time in a row I looked at her and said, “somebody just threw their phone.”

Today, my Gorgosuchus crit hit a fresh Stegodeus for over 4K damage one hitting it and winning the battle. I said, “I hate it when that happens… to me.”


I had one yesterday, my Indo dodged everytime and crit 3 times, won 3-0. I was very sorry for my opponent

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I’ve countless instances when my level 21 Indoraptor dodged twice and hit level 23-26 through their Evasive Stance. 2 times in a row!

However, there’s only one case I don’t feel sorry. It’s when I serve back the RNG to someone whom I’d just lost the previous match to :wink:

Especially in 1.5, where I knew when they’re gonna send the Dracorex Gen 2!!!

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There was that time when I won 3-0 with my Indoraptor without taking any single damage…

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So absolutely delighted by the response to this thread!

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I do feel sorry for a second when my Utasino wipes out a team 3-0, but when the opponent is 4 levels higher, opens with a cloaked indominus, and then follows up with a wimp chicken, they deserve a barrage of crits and instant hits through cloak on a faster (and immune) dino. Just hit me. All you have to do. My sympathy is short lived!

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Also… This:

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Are you a bot??? :joy:

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The more I look at this the more it doesn’t make sense…

Tryko is faster so it’s not like you hit him before his attack. Instant Invincibility is on a 1-turn delay so it should have this move ready the turn after you Cloaked.

The only thing I could think of was that he swapped Tryko in when he saw the Indominus pick, at which point it was both too late and he wouldn’t have been able to survive without the crit anyway.

Basically this guy deserved this.

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Pyrritator just wiped indominus rex through cloak and took out green chicken in one shot.

I felt bad.

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