When your 5 highest dinos are benched

It’s just sad to see some used to be greats benched and unboosted. I cant even finish campaign with these; though my normal (lower level) team can - but I’m not allowed to use them.

Just expressing annoyance.


Once campaign is done, it’s done…
Don’t worry, in time you get to beat it, there’s no rush. You can’t honestly call your top 5 bad? Which challenge is this about?

highest benched dino right now is OG indo at 24. I leveled it specifically to fight that tenontorex campaign mission.

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81 and 82.

My top 5 are victims of power creep. Even lower level, this team is better - yes, including that stupid creation level mini. I know this cause I spent all my original boosts in those very 5… I had to unboost them to boost my current team. Even with less than half the boosts back (I did this a few times). My current team with an all time high about 300 trophies higher than my old team:

I know. It’s sad. I think my Erlidom and Tryko may end up on the bench soon too, and they’ve been with me since the beginning… :’(

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Ludia wants us abandoning dinos… thats their plan to keep us spending… and its a shame really ive got a thor, dilor, utasino, rinex… all sitting on the bench right now all higher level then many on my current team but replacing them increased my trophies.

I will say this though I perfer this power creep approach to their year one approach. Like monomimus. Atleast now their just not as good as opposed to not playable.


unfortunately power creep is going to happen as new mechanics are introduced. Tho Ludia could lessen that effect (if they ever decide to to that) by adding those new mechanics to older dinos, not just the new stuff. a little power creep is ok, but taking a look at what we have, it’s on a never ending war path. I’d like to slow the train down a little bit and look at the scenery for a while.


Yea I feel the pain. I worked so hard to max Thor and indo1. Rinex and dilorach used to shine. Now I just keep multifusing on them without leveling in case they get a proper buff


Dilo, Stego, Indo, and Draco put in serious work in their time. Never even used Utarinex.
Orion isn’t really benched, more like dry dock. It will be benching Thor as soon as it hit’s L30 and a couple more speed boosts.

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This is so true.

Dilorach is the one I miss the most :cry: Just got Utarinex L30-ready - hoping it gets a buff one day soon. Never really got to use Stegod at the height of its powers but just kept levelling it.

I see a few benched Dioras and Tryos in this thread - they are definitely not bench warming material IMHO. I think a little piece of me would die if I had to bench Magna.

Indo 1 is just hanging onto its place - there are a lot of candidates in the L26-L28 range snapping at its heels …