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When youre 1 trophy away from making your grand return

Title was chosen because i was at around 4700 trophies before 1.7 launched, made a very steep decline since then, and was one battle away from dropping to ruins. Then i somehow got good luck with this atrocious matchmaking recently and nearly made it back. Heres the team.

Note: rat isnt present. You dont need it to succeed




You should be proud of that buddy you are a true warriorđź’Ş a good rat is a very dead rat

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No wonder you’re struggling. A level 20 smiloceph won’t do you any good in aviary.

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again, im only keeping it for now until i get monostego to team level

i was struggling before i even got smiloceph. 1.7 was when it hit the fan

i want your Pterovexus

…but…its freshly made tho. Unboosted too. I only have it because i wanted to get it before investing the remaining monolophosaurs dna into monostegotops

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still want it hahahaha

Grand return to where? What arena starts at 4500?
I’m currently in Lockwood, but have never been higher than about 4350.

I think you have too many high speed dinosaurs…
Put 1 or 2 extra tanks in your team and you will do it much better. (Tragodistis and dioraja)

The reason i dont use tanks is because of how they simply arent good. Most of us dont use them anyways because of boosted thor being everywhere, that and they cant really compete. Im planning to get Geminititian on my team once i unlock it since it absorbs hits so well and has the damage to back it up. Trying to get Monostego to team level so i can use that too

Aviary starts at 4500 trophies. I was around 4700 trophies before boosts were introduced, then dropped hard once they got added

My final lineup would be this:

Tryko, Spyx, Erlidom, Gemini, Grypo, Monostego, Magna, Thor

If they extend the amount of team slots you can have, id love to add Dio

…that and i dont even have Dio unlocked because literally everything required for it is a pain for me to get

At the same point though, i wouldnt mind having Dio on my current team cuz its essentially a second Tryko. However, the only candidate to get the boot would be Grypolyth, and i really dont want to since i love that thing to death. Would it be worth doing?