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WhenDinosaursRuledEarth is Recruiting

Hello guys our alliance is looking for some new active members,

We are looking for active members that help others out, donate what they can miss and do their tournaments!

What we can offer you:

6/7 and 7-9 Weekly incubators
Around 200k in tournaments
Active discord server with raid help!
Fun and nice members willing to help eachother

Joining the discord is required since the ingame chat is not great for communication and you can’t post your raid strats there

If you are willing to join the alliance or just the discord for raids please feel free to message me on discord: Jurricane #9538

For any of you guys that don’t want to join the alliance but are interested in joining the discord for raids use the link below :wink:

Thanks to the people who joined!

We are full for now but will continue posting in this thread if spots open up!