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WhenDinosaursRuledEarth is Recruiting

Hello guys our alliance is looking for some new active members,

We are looking for active members that help others out, donate what they can miss and do their tournaments!

What we can offer you:

7-8 and 8-9 Weekly incubators
Around 300k in tournaments
Active discord server with raid help!
Fun and nice members willing to help eachother

Joining the discord is required since the ingame chat is not great for communication and you can’t post your raid strats there

If you are willing to join the alliance or just the discord for raids please feel free to message me on discord: Jurricane #9538

For any of you guys that don’t want to join the alliance but are interested in joining the discord for raids use the link below :wink:

Thanks to the people who joined!

We are full for now but will continue posting in this thread if spots open up!

You can also message me on here of course. Depending on the time of day I might respond faster here.

We are currently on track to get the tier 7/8 tournament incubator if you are interested in joining please contact me we have 2 open spots and are looking for some more players that do their tournaments!

The alliance is great as advertised, everyone is nice and trys to help when they can. I would highly advise joining.

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We still have some open spots left if anyone is interested :smile:
Edit: 1 person joined we stil have a few spots open!

A few more spots have opened up all you need to do is get your tournament takedowns and be active contact me on discord to join Jurricane #9538

You can also add my officer to join Death877 #6803

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We have 1 or 2 more spots please contact me or death if you are interested using the contact info above.

We now have a shared sanctuary so if you are interested in joining the rules will be explained in the discord

It’s an active alliance everyone do there best in the events and providing donations. Raids happens on regular basis. So, join the time when dinosaur ruled the earth!!

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Hey guys our alliance called WhenDinosaursRuledEarth recently started stepping up it’s tournament game. We are looking for more active members that get a minimum of their 10 kill bonus but more is highly encouraged.

We can probably reach the 380k especially with your help. The 380k incubator is enough for any lvl 20 player to get the unique for free!

The other benefits we offer:
An active and helpful raid server on discord(Mandatory for alliance announcements as well)
A shared sanctuary where you get to vote over the contents
Around 8 and 9 for the weekly incubators
Active donators

Thanks for reading guys, if any of you guys are interested please feel free to send me or my officer a message on discord to apply: Jurricane#9538 and Death877#6803 :slight_smile:


Hey guys it’s been a while :slight_smile:

We currently have 3 open spots and are on track to reach tier 9 this tourney if anyone is interested please feel free to contact me on discord Jurricane #9538 or use the link to join our public discord where we mainly focus on raids :slight_smile:

We still have 1 spot open in the alliance!

Due to some people not having as much time after the holidays and having to leave the game for now we are looking for a few more members for the alliance.

Currently still on track for Tier 9 in tournament
Public/Alliance discord for raiding, support and fun chat
Shared sanctuary that reaches around lvl 20
Great community :slight_smile:

We don’t ask much just being active daily as much as you can and notifying us when you can’t play for a few days. Getting your tournament bonus at the minimum or more if you want to get higher rewards!

Please contact me on discord using one of the above links to apply, we’d love to have you :slight_smile:

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I’m really looking to join, I’m a daily player 2000+ trophies and will help with tournaments. I can play this game for hours and hours, hope you let me join! My name is Sintrex

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Happy to have you with us now :slight_smile:

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