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When's the last time you actually felt outplayed?


Battling all morning it occurred to me, I haven’t really felt like someone has outplayed me in a long time, nor have I really outplayed anyone else. I either win or lose the coin tosses. I haven’t had that “wow, you got me” feeling in a long time.

This is just another symptom of how lame things have gotten…

When’s the last time someone really pulled a slick maneuver on you? Instead of just a dodge, stun, or DC?


Let me see…
I remember when someone was battling me.
I shot him with one of my dinos.
So his returning move was a swap to irritator gen 2.
He attacked me and won.
Little guy got over leveled, hes a monster.


Recently it has been more in friendly battle than in Arena.

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Good question! I have been in Aviary for a couple of months now and all my losses amd wins were decided by rng (mostly evasive and cloak). Unfortunately, this rng is what Ludia is pushing for with all those dinos have RNG moves.

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Not sure actually. I have done it to others, it feels awesome swapping to tryko when they swap in Draco, then they always go for acute stun which sets up DSR. Not sure why, you’re better off going with rampage since you have a small chance of killing me and I’m not gonna use distract


I dropped down a while ago. Got a couple of battles with no uniques at all, and indominus didn’t turn up either. No DC for that matter.

They were so much fun. I won a couple, but a couple of times they got me with legitimately awesome moves and tactics. The game is so much more fun without obnoxious evasive moves.

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I get outplayed 70% of the time if I’m going to be honest. :sweat_smile: However, sometimes I’m not sure if I’m overthinking and trying to predict what my opponent’s next move is going to be or I am just playing myself. :persevere:


I did something really dumb yesterday in a friendly stegod and sucho, sucho bled first and I put up a shield lol. My head wasn’t in the game at all, had just pulled in the driveway and had a request pop up. I almost recovered but lost.


In my trophy range at least several moves in each battle are mind games with a chance to outplay your opponent.

If I win most of those, even if I lose the battle to RNG/stronger team/disconnect, I still feel proud.

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In upper Lockwood and lower Aviary, between 4300 and 4600 trophies, my losses are about 50% RNG and 50% being outplayed. My wins are about 40% RNG and 60% outplaying the opponent. I use both indoraptor and erlidominus but only use cloak/evasive if I’m down to <100 health as a last resort. I also don’t use DracoRat, and have become quite good at countering it. I’ve been at the same trophy count for months now, probably because I refuse to use the Rat, but it’s much more satisfying to play this way. I enjoy the arena


I don’t even remember, most of the times I lose to rng (Crit/Games choses bad combination of Dinos) and/or a difference in levels. Not much you can do here. Sometimes you make mistakes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you were outplayed. (You outplayed yourself, maybe)

Tactics generally are quite limited in this game, also due to the small amount of Dinos actually being used. Outplaying someone often involves guessing, like when your opponent uses Indominus and you swap to Trago but go for the fast move instead of shield. Opponent decides to switch and new dino eats a fast move, a stun and maybe a rampage. Not sure of you want to call this outplaying or gambling.

For me outplaying involves advanced skill and technics/tactics which are not a big part of this game.


Just now :laughing:

Definitely happens. I really love it when I defeat myself… like cloaking when I face a Suchotator (which wouldn’t be so embarrassing if I didn’t have a 29 Suchotator on my team) :flushed:

But yes, a lot of matches are decided by RNG instead - like the Indoraptor standoff…

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Yesterday I outplayed someone pretty bad. Was 2-0 and had a full health Thor with DSR + IC ready to go. But instead of rage quitting and letting the timer run out, he casually brings out Draco without swapping in lol. I was literally lmao. I let the timer run letting him know great gesture.


In public Arena, not so much. Perhaps a few times a week I will face a good player who has strategy. Most will use any strategy to win. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it is what it is about. It just isn’t near as much fun for me. I use strategy not RNG on my teams, it keeps a much better win/loss ratio. There are no massive win/lose streaks.

In FB, most of the time. There are a few who will use any tactic to win, as in public Arena, but most on my Alliance are in it to battle for fun and strategy. I never worry about the DC swap for the third kill, I play as if they have a fourth regular Dino they might pop in.

I much prefer FB over Arena. I only wish we could get incubators for those battles also.


My son is at 2400 trophies. I battle for him sometimes, because it’s more fun than my 4500. A lot more variance of dinos and more strategy, than praying to RNGesus


Friendly battles with peeps using lower tier dinos.
I tend to forget or mis-remember what they do and do not play optimally.


when the game first came out? sometimes. when you actually ran into more than 10 total dinos on a regular basis. after being in aviary, i can’t remember a single time being like “wow, that was amazing and totally unexpected. i got totally outplayed there”. even mind games of “are they gonna slow or distract” isn’t outplaying anyone. better than RNG, but you’re both just guessing and praying.

the game is about 80% the randomly generated 4v4, and RNG. what the specific breakdown, i’m not sure. then 10% dino levels (within reason) and 10% strategy which basically comes down to just not playing like an idiot.

almost every game comes down to a crit or a dodge, so even if there was a chance to outplay someome, RNG would step in and ruin it :sweat_smile:

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Friendly battles with not typical dinos are the best. Thats when you see tactics actually be used.


Most people in my trophy range play very predictably so I don’t feel outwitted often. Maybe a month ago I played a guy who was pretty clever. It was 2-2 and I swapped to Megalosuchus for the counter kill, but the guy remembered I had it and swapped to Tryo. I used ferocious strike to get my damage out, but he used RtC and walloped me with a crit DSR the next turn. I thought it was very smart to keep that tryo hidden for the clutch instead of playing it right away when I had megalo out the first time.

I would like to see the roster of dinos get some reworks so we don’t face the same 8-12 dinos constantly. Some of these hybrids are just too “do it all” and make a majority of the dinos irrelevant which is pretty counterintuitive. With more balancing comes more strategy. Then it gets fun.


i love double distracting a tryko. my last shot with rinex was distract then i came in with magna and distracted again. poor trykos hits and counter attacks were all 0s lol.