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When's the next boss Unlockable?

When do you think the next Unlockable boss will be added? Well it’s obviously juggernaut since he’s in the loading screen

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Another Thread! :eyes:

This isn’t a thread this is a question

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And I’m only doing one thread per day from now on

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Thread can be a statement, question, exclamation, anything. Thread is thread…

Oh. Anyway this is my only thread today

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I think it’ll be a month or two till they release juggernaut as a playable boss

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We’re different times here in Italy, but it’s two threads today 4 me. Anyways, it’s not sure but very very very probable.

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A thread is a thread

btw getting away from that abit

If there is an update that make all bosses playable it would be cool if the boss dinos get their own habitat like the biodome for cenozoics and the lagoon for aquatics

The problem currently with the bosses is that there is almost no point to actually fight with them. The rewards suck for what you pay. 20 bucks for one battle, and the average is resources? Really? Those shouldn’t be in the last 3 of the tiers at least. There should be more and better rewards. Packs, hard to get dinos, more cash, dna, and s dna. But not resources like Coins and Food. If people need that, there is the TH and the dinos themselves, plus the other reawrds. So either change the price, or change the rewards. Honestly, Im for the changing of the rewards, because I like that with the boss there could be a chance to get rarer dinos while using your boss dino, but you only have one shot, rather than just lazily reducing the price. This would actually interest more players in getting the boss other than just its a boss.


Totally agree with you