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Where am I wrong?


Hello everybody and Happy New Year! Please, tell me if I should make any changes to my team because I keep losing like crazy.


Nothing to me, your team seems really good! Maybe trago for stegod since in this meta trago is considered better due to his versatility.
Maybe you’re just having bad luck😄

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I was thinking about it, but want to wait till my Trago is at least 27 years old, lol.

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I am thinking about putting back my lovely Brachi back. So much health, strength and grace. Any thoughts?


I dunno, just one thing I noticed is that your team doesn’t have a bleeder. And I’m not much of a fan of the dracorex gen 2, so I’d swap those.

Also, pretty sure we battled recently!

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Whats your trophy count? Maybe youre just settling in where you belong. I would swap out drac G2, probably for trago

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Brachi is one of the best tanks in this patch, you could. At 26 is pretty high


Have we? What is your game name? Also, would you recommend any good alliance?


I was 5124 and now down to some crap(((


Do you think I should put Suchotator on instead of what?


Instead of dracorex gen 2

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Blonde moment of a brunette))

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