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Where are all the Carnotaurus?

Without fail, every Friday, my map was inundated with Carnotaurus. Every few blocks, sometimes multiples in a small area, Carnotaurus everywhere. To the point that I was like “come on, something else spawn please.”

Fast forward to post Scorpius Rex 3 release and there isn’t a Carnotaurus in site. Go for a walk, none. Go for a drive, one or two if I’m lucky.

What happened? A great new dino that requires Carnotaurus was released, that’s what happened. Now they are super elusive.

Carnotaurus only spawns one day a week, so it’s already extremely difficult to acquire. Please, please, please, put the spawn rate back to what it was pre-Scorpius Rex 3.

Anyone else notice a decreased spawn rate for Carnotaurus?


I’ve been noticing it since 2.6. They should make Carnotaurus a Global All Day spawn and have maybe Proceratosaurus replace him as a Friday spawn


I totally agree. It seems like the trend is that whenever a dino gets more hybrids, they seem to decrease the likeliness of getting the DNA. I’m looking at you Woolly Mammoth. 🦣


I’ve noticed the same thing Carno and Gorgo are no where to be seen. Before SR3 I was tripping over them, now I’m lucky to find 3 in a 30 mile radius. Same with the new dinos, the day they come out they are everywhere, now I’ve not seen 1 even with scents. They are definitely controlling the spawn rates for sure.

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Same here. Both Carno and Gorgo have suddenly become extremely rare. Before, I often skipped them because of how common they were.

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No. I found loads yesterday. I guess just luck?

I found one next to me yesterday to

I found lots yesterday. It’s the epic deer that’s vanished for me now. Used to see 1-2 a day, and have seen zero since the update.