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Where are all the dinos?


Since the update I seem to have far more supply drops near me but the number of dinos I meet on my 2 mile daily walk is about 1/3 of what it was before. This means the fun part about upgrading your dinos by catching DNA has disappeared and taking the time to go outside has become less useful. Please don’t penalise us who genuinely hunt outside because of people who spoof. I’ve walked six miles in the last three days and haven’t had a single “pop up” Dino on walk. All the ones I catch are visible long before I reach them. Again no surprise no fun!!!

No dinos... yes, another topic on this

Ive noticed the same thing. Supply drops moved further away and there are a lot less dinosaurs out there.
I didn’t mind seeing the same ones over and over because they were common, but general amount has really gone down.


Really? There seem to be more dinosaurs in our town, especially Apatosaurus and Iguanadon. Kind of missing the Einiosaurus a bit.
But I have noticed fewer instant pop-up dinosaurs since the update.


There is where i work, so sad having a lot stops and no dinos, in pogo we have pokemons 2,3 in each stop


Yeah there are no dinos around lol this topic will probably be moved once a mod sees it, given the fact so many of us are making this complaint… hopefully they fix it soon, it’s a waste of time to go out and not catch anything cool.


Can we just talk about how the spawn rates are abysmal at the moment? Open up the map and theres a couple stegos, an iguanodon, a couple apatosaurus’ and one or two “whatever” dinos lol
Doesnt motivate anyone to go out and hunt… can we get this fixed so it is actually fun to go hunting? :roll_eyes:


Thankfully my job is driving so it works good for me but i have to admit that i was going to go walking and play JW and i noticed that there were miles between the dinosaurs, i literally just told my wife that yesterday that I’d be more willing to walk if the dinos weren’t so spaced out. I don’t know what to do though because i also don’t want them to be like Niantic and put a million times and restrictions up that don’t do spawns at certain speeds. I think maybe if the speed at which a person travels should determine the rate of spawning. That’s the only solution i can think of or maybe a timed spawn pool


Man tron, you sure have a lot of upgrades waiting. I’ve had 1 and it’s driving me nuts not to spend the points


Most of upgrades i have are useless comons and rares sadly xd


I remember before tre update, I would check the game and see a few rare and often time at least one epic in my area. Now, I’ll be lucky to see a few commons.


I have same problem here.