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Where are all the green supply drops

What gives? How are we supposed to dart the Rare Creatures if we cannot find them? See image


They just never get it right, either there is too few of them, or too many :roll_eyes: (but ussually too few, then we complain, then they fix it and overdo it and within the next to weeks it’s back to too few again)

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They are in the same place our support tickets go.


Don’t worry, rare creatures will be gone soon. One day earlier than expected.

Hey testafoto, could I ask you to send a screenshot of your in-game map to our team here at It’d help our team investigate this issue.

Please make sure to include your support key and the date and time of when the screenshot was taken, in your email. Thanks!

Well it was never like this until very recently. It seems they are all in the parks. Well, I live in NYC and there aren’t a lot of parks except for the big ones ala Central Park, Cunningham Park, etc. it’s called the concrete jungle for a reason. Maybe the powers that be can redistribute them again. Why does it have to be a tiny patch of green every 1000 kilometers or more.

The screenshot is at the top of this post. What good will it do to send it to the email that you listed. We/I already know the reason why. You guys keep tinkering with the game instead of solving the ridiculous amount of disconnection and restart issues that no other location based games has problems with.

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It’s been messed up for over a month now. We complained then there were so many green drops you could max coins on them before your regular drops. Then it went back to nowhere to be found.

Apparently the map change was based off of player feedback for this latest update to the game. I guess an abundance of players said “hey put the event drops in parks again and not in the common areas that everyone normally plays. “ …yeah right. Who would vote or suggest to minimize the green event drops or 95% make them park locked? Makes no sense at all. Ludia mentioned they are in “points of interest” well let me tell you, going to my moms around a curve on an old country road isn’t really a point of interest. On the other hand the historic locations on Main Street in the middle of town aren’t.

This event/regular supply drop ratio is beyond ridiculous. For every 1 event drop you get 100 regular. I’m sure it’s a simple keystroke to balance it out. They sure didn’t mind have 15 scent strike towers on that strip.

There are numerous threads over the last month or longer reporting lack of event drops.

I thought the mods or support were to relay info to Ludia about major concerns or issues?

I have no green drops for the rare yet another week in a row.

Have they simply been forgotten today? I live next to a park with some permagreens but nothing. I guess due to the timing error for the rares

In fact I can see about 100 supplies from where I am, every one has some kind of strike event so greens are impossible

From about 100 drops there’re only 3 green ones. Two of them empty… Now there’re 5 with 2 of them with the rare dinos back. I see only 1 5 battle strike tower and zero for the small incubator… There’re about 20 epic and 20 rare strike towers. The distribution of strike towers and event drops is just ridiculous… The other day I have to walk half the city to find one boost strike tower…