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Where are all the Tarbos?


It’s night. I’ve used two 15 minute scent boosters. And I found… 0 Tarbosaurus. And around 90% of the dinosaurs were just Diplo (with a few Hatze thrown in there).

Is there something I’m missing? Is one zone better than the other? Where have they gone?!


I find that most Tarbos I see are around restaurants.

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I’ve seen three or four tonight but that has been about it. They do show up for me quite frequently though.



I find them in the games ‘evening’ and ‘morning’ cycles. Randomly during the ‘day’ cycle. They may be out in the ‘night’ cycle, but I am usually asleep then.
No special location but many around mall type locations, shopping malls.


I have loads
Even fusing thor still have a lot
Always run out of sino or coins
I find normally around at least 10 a day

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I’m envious of all that tarbo :joy: I’m still trying to get my tarbo to 20 to start fusing Thor.


You might want to check out one of these:

I catch at least 6 Tarbosaurus a day just by passing along two KFC.


I wanna know more about these 15 minute scents you speak of.

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I work at kfc, and can confirm this.
Tarbo all day every day.

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We talking secret ingredient confirmation here?


The secret ingredient is salt.
Not just normal salt.
Salt from the tears of all the complainers on this forum. New recipe, started about a year ago… delicious.


Delish :yum::poultry_leg:

/11strips 11chickenwings


I wonder of tarbos eat the chicken with fries

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I used to work there, can confirm!
LOADS of salt.


To anybody that works in fast food. I feel sorry for ya. Truly


Turbo uses chicken scents to draw humans. KFP (Kentucky Fried People)





Some of the hardest, nastiest, lowest paying work I ever did.
I learned a lot in that job. Pride, humility, respect for others, responsibility.
I left that job for a more dangerous, lower paying one that taught me even more.


You made me remember this guy

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